Latest procedures for processing work and residence permits for foreign workers in Jakarta

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Procedures for processing work and residence permits for foreign workers - In 2018, Foreign Workers (TKA) in Indonesia experienced a significant increase, namely approximately 10.88% from 2017.

This could be because the Indonesian government has made it easier and simplified the process and requirements for foreign workers who want to work in Indonesia.

Currently, the Government through Presidential Regulation No. 20 of 2018 (Perpres 20 of 2018) and Minister of Manpower Regulation No. 10 of 2018 is trying to simplify the TKA licensing process.

One trick is to integrate systems in the Department of Manpower and the Directorate General of Immigration, Department of Law and Human Rights to simplify the process of obtaining Work Permits and Stay Permits for TKA. This system has started to be implemented since early 2019.

Previously, a Foreign Worker (TKA) was required to have special documents, such as a TKA Use Plan (RPTKA) and a Permit to Employ TKA (IMTA). RPTKA and IMTA must be obtained before they enter the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. In practice, RPTKA and IMTA can be obtained in a very short time of 35 working days.

Several important things that must be understood regarding the new procedure are as follows:

  1. RPTKA can apply in accordance with the Foreign Worker Employment Agreement.
  2. Work Permit Document: RPTKA
  3. Notification: Issuance of DPKK Payment Billing Code
  4. Integrated Ministry of Manpower system and Immigration system
  5. TELEX is issued and you can get your visa at the Indonesian Embassy in your destination
  6. Photo and Biometric Taking Sessions for Foreign Workers are carried out at certain airports

This is the current procedure for processing work permits and residence permits for foreign workers.

Hope it is useful.

Therefore, if you want to make it easier to process the residence and work permits of foreign workers, you can contact the KITAS Management Service in Jakarta by contacting us.

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