About Us

20 Years of Experience in the Field of Service Formalities

Company history

PT. INDOMONANG JADI is a private company in formalities service. Our services provide issuance of expatriate employment permit, company legality, company legality related to employment, work visa, visitation, and overseas travel visa.

Our professional and experienced employees have contributed to making PT INDOMONANG JADI be trusted by clients from other countries that require the issuance of expatriate employment permit in Indonesia. We are dedicated and committed to keeping on preserving our client’s trust and improving our service to deliver the best outcome.


In the past 20 years, PT INDOMONANG JADI has been assisted more than hundreds of clients in obtaining legal documents. Currently, PT INDOMONANG JADI as one of the leading formalities service companies in Indonesia, has been succeeded to obtain the requirement of legal documents related to the issuance of the expatriate employment permit, company legality, company legality related to employment, work visa, visitation, and overseas travel visa.

At the beginning of 1996, PT INDOMONANG JADI is a group of skilled people who are highly dedicated to obtaining legal documents in Jakarta. Noticing that Indonesia will be requiring expatriate employees in the future, PT INDOMONANG JADI was established on April 10th, 1996.

We took years to build management and implement the system properly in the company. After management and system of the company are settled, the potential human resources in PT INDOMONANG JADI grows stronger as the result of the collaboration between PT INDOMONANG JADI and international clients.

PT INDOMONANG JADI is committed to the client’s satisfaction by providing the best service, on time and direct solution. This commitment has been proved as the success formula of PT INDOMONANG JADI since we have been trusted by our clients to be a reliable partner.



Human Resources

To obtain legal documents, PT INDOMONANG JADI is supported by competent, professional and high-skilled employees who have an appropriate educational background in this business. They come from different cultural backgrounds and it involves establishing PT INDOMONANG JADI until now.

The improvement of employees’ skills is also developed with training simultaneously. Besides training, the company also support employees constantly by explaining to them that personal touch (sentuhan pribadi) as well as important in their work.

Our Vision

To be the first choice of a formalities service company in Indonesia for the best performance and service.

Our Mission

  • Providing excellent service and direct solutions to all clients.
  • Operating company to focus on client-oriented.
  • Developing professional and high performing employees.
  • Understanding client requirements and delivering outstanding service to meet the client’s satisfaction.
  • Leading formalities service market.

Company Values



we are committed to being the best formalities service company in Indonesia by consistently provide the client’s requirement and solve their problems related to obtaining legal documents. We continue to work on making our service, knowledge, skills and attitudes improved to deliver the best results.



PT INDOMONANG JADI understands that consistency is the key to deliver the best results. Consistency is needed in each process starting from collecting data until the document is prepared. Our clients deserve our best service.



we solve existing problems professionally and communicative by appreciating each team’s opinion and ideas thus we can obtain our best performance.



through the experiences dealing with clients, PT INDOMONANG JADI is dedicated to improving service quality based on input and suggestions continuously, therefore adaptable to prospect clients.



providing the best service is one of the company’s focus. PT INDOMONANG JADI consistently considers the client’s value and expectation to provide high-quality service.



we support our time to expand ideas, refine inspiration and provide opportunities for teams to deliver innovation hence the company can do better.



providing client’s requirement of legal documents related to the issuance of expatriate employment permit and other requirements professionally is one of the company values. We are committed to delivering the best solution for the client’s problems related to obtaining legal documents.



providing high-quality service is how we think and do. High-quality service requires our teams to solve existing problems, respond to the client quickly, communicate consistently, and focus on providing the best service. This culture has been our routine to keep our commitment to clients.



we have been through transformation and problem solving for more than 20 years. We indeed are motivated to find solutions in every problem considering the main purpose of PT INDOMONANG JADI is solving client’s problems.