Foreign Worker
Licensing Consultation (TKA)

Foreign labor legality consulting involves a number of procedures and rules that must be followed to ensure that the use of foreign labor in a country complies with applicable laws.

With the help of our experienced consultants, you can avoid administrative sanctions that may arise due to mistakes. As a result, you can save time and resources efficiently.

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With deep experience and knowledge in the field of labor and immigration law, our team of experts is ready to provide customized guidance according to your needs.


The types of documents you will need;


Customize the licensing timeline to suit your needs;


Regulations related to the licenses you need.



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Formalities Services Consultant is a professional consultant that assists companies and individuals in understanding, managing, and fulfilling legal and regulatory requirements related to business establishment and operations, especially for foreign workers (TKA).

Services that are usually offered include Foreign Worker Legality Consultation, Foreign Worker Licensing Services, Company Legality Licensing Services, Sworn Translator Services, Foreign Visa Licensing Services, Indonesian Visa Licensing Services, Government Agency Document Legalization Services, Embassy Document Legalization Services, Indonesian Passport Licensing Services, Airport Assistance Services, Police Licensing Services, and other licensing services related to business operations, especially for foreign workers.

We help ensure that your company operates in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, mitigating legal risks and ensuring compliance with the latest applicable regulations.

The fees we offer are very competitive and vary depending on the type of service required and the complexity of the job. We will usually offer a price quote before the project starts.

The time required may vary depending on various factors, including the type of license, location, and local agency regulations. We will provide the best estimate of the time required according to your expected timeline.

The licensing process generally starts with an initial consultation to determine what type of legality you need. Next, we will develop a work plan, timeline, and quote and also accompany you through every step of the licensing process until completion.

We can help you to ensure continuous compliance with the latest regulations, provide regulatory updates, provide information regarding your legal expiry that needs to be renewed, and support your company in dealing with regulatory changes that may affect your business operations.