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Planning a holiday abroad and spending some time there, you definitely have to prepare everything well. In contrast to home leave, holidays abroad require more complex preparations, considering that this trip will require a number of supporting documents that must be taken as a necessity for this trip.

Here is how to process a visa for you to apply.

Apart from passports and others, a visa is one of the mandatory requirements that must be completed before going on holiday abroad. On this trip, a tourist visa is issued specifically for tourists who want to visit other countries to become the required tourist destination of choice.

This Visa will be adjusted to the purpose of the trip, so it is very important to confirm the destination country first, before the visa for this trip.

When and Where to Apply for a Visa?

Regarding visa processing times, it is important to understand from the start. Visa processing takes at least about 2 weeks, so it's important to take care of that from the start. During holidays, it may take longer. But however, visas also have an expiration date, so it should look like a good date has been set from the start.

Don't let them have a visa, but they can't leave because of limitations on ticket issues and so on. Make the delay required to complete this visa with the departure date, at least 2 or 3 weeks before, so that you have enough time to take care of other matters for the trip.

Additionally, there is no guarantee that the visa will be approved by the authorities for any particular reason. Obstacles are very likely to occur and must be anticipated from the start. Avoid purchasing plane tickets and other accommodation in advance, before obtaining the visas required for travel. This will help avoid many losses, if at any time the visa is not approved.

Visa applications can be made in the countries of the destination embassy or consulate you will visit later. It is important to bring all documents and requirements, so that the visa application process can run well and smoothly.

Visa documents and Order Conditions

We will handle the visa, you will also need a number of documents and other requirements. It is better to complete all this from the start, for visa processing is not necessary on some occasions, especially for those who live in the area and it takes a long time to reach the embassy. Not only saves time, but also saves a lot of travel costs.

Sample Documents for Applying for a Tourist Visa at the Embassy

1. Passport

Make sure you have a passport before applying for a visa, because this document is one of the main requirements for obtaining a visa. Don't forget to look at the validity period of your passport, considering that you still have to travel for some time in the future. It will be very troublesome if it turns out that during your leave, you experience problems because your passport has expired. Or, most likely refuse the passport because the passport's validity period will soon expire too.

Usually, a passport is valid for at least 6 months before travel. This means that if the validity of the passport is less than the time of the visa application, the visa application is likely to be repeated or even rejected. It would be better to extend the passport first, if the validity of the passport and expires next month.

To apply for this visa, especially for those under 18 additional ID cards and their affected parents will be required. Make sure both are properly equipped, so that the application process can run smoothly and does not need to be repeated.

2. Visa Application Form

The next step in how to apply for a visa, all you need to do is fill out the visa application form. This can only be done online, where this form is obtained on each official website belonging to the country's embassy then. You can easily get the online form there, then fill it carefully. If you have filled it out correctly, you can print the form.

Make sure to fill in all the data correctly and carefully, because this will affect the visa application process as well. Loading data online will be easier for you, because typing errors can be avoided.

3. Photo

You will also need several passport photos for the purposes of processing this visa application. The number and size and other requirements may vary depending on the policies of each embassy. Find out this information from the start through the official website of the embassy concerned, in order to provide a photo from the right and right.

Photography required for various official documents, photos, must also meet standard requirements, such as: Clear visibility, visible ears, bright images, etc. For security, use the services of a professional photographer.

4. Proof of Payment

In presenting this visa, you also have to pay several administration fees. The amount will vary depending on the destination country and the visa that will be presented later. In general, the embassy will provide this information on their official website, so that you can make a down payment at the specified banks. Make sure payment is made and bring proof of payment to apply for a visa to travel.

5. Evidence of Financial Planning

In contrast to domestic travel, overseas travel will require a lot of costs, depending on the destination country and future visits to be made. However, somehow, countries certainly don't want to have financial problems and difficulties when they are in their country later, because this causes problems for them too.

This should demonstrate their financial capabilities will be a guarantee for a smooth journey there. Usually it will be shown by printing savings accounts/newspapers for the last 3 months. It should have an average enough balance to pay for the trip later. These amounts vary widely and depend on each country, such as $6,000 for a trip to Australia.

6. Employment Certificate

The required work visa certificate will also be. Usually this is a way to promote the destination country, so that later the temporary residence permit there is not misused, such as a permit to visit (tourism) which is used for work.

7. Prepare yourself well and maturely

Traveling abroad will require more complex preparations, including the presentation of a travel visa. prepare well from the start, so that the journey is smooth. Complete all the necessary documents and requirements, so that processing the visa application can take place easily and quickly.

We hope that with the guide on how to apply for a visa above, your trip will be smooth and without any problems.

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